Congress’s attempt to end child sex trafficking has forced some sex workers back on the streets, affecting their livelihood and safety. A timeline of the growth of the internet as a platform for the advertisement of commercial sex and the recent legislative attempts to curb such online activity.

The impacts of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers acts on sex workers.


Sex Workers Struggle to Navigate Internet Post FOSTA-SESTA.

Lynn is a sensual massage specialist and activist. She uses the internet to generate a client. Having cultivated strong relationships with her clients, she has not experienced a strong backlash from the passing of FOSTA-SESTA. Lynn is based in Oakland California.

Ckiara is a sensual massage specialist and activist. Ckiara believes because she has stayed within the limits of the laws she has kept herself safe from being affected by the passing of FOSTA-SESTA. Still, she advocates for those who have, challenging people to consider the real reasons people turn to sex work. CKiara is based in Oakland California.

The Legal Effects of Sex Trafficking Laws.

David Greene the Civil Liberties Director at the Electric Frontier Foundation, explains the legal effects of sex trafficking laws; otherwise known as FOSTA/SESTA.Legislation within the past 15 years.

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