Who is Ckiara Rose?

Hello Gentlemen, my name is Ckiara (the C is silent).

I am Libertine, Humanist and Philosopher…

A tall curvy woman, of Haitian/Miskitu/French descent. I was raised by a Miskitu shaman Mother from Central America who taught me to heal.  

(The Miskitu people are an indigenous and creole community on the Caribbean coast of Central America.) 

Today I nurture through touch and the arts of healing, spirit, and sensuality, and through the proper combination of Mind, Caress, Eroticism & Energy!

I continue to learn and understand, humanity, Earth Mother and its species, our individuality and our collective. 

I know how to nurture, touch, feel, taste, and smell the arts of healing, spirit, and love, and energetcis.

 I went out into the world with an open mind and allow myself to experience all of life. In tantric tradition, I kept what agreed with me and put aside what was not for me, free of judgment and conviction.

I have spent many years seeking, learning and experiencing every touch, spirituality (everything has spirit) and energy-work in order to fine tune what I bring to you now!

I am here for those who seek traditional body, spirit and mind healing through  unique blends of personal, creative, intuitive sensual touch!

There is the sensation of skin touching skin, the sight of flesh of different colors contrasting in erotic fantasies brought to life. Indeed, life itself can be one great fantasy, brought to life if you accept that which has been given you and that which is there. Ecstasy is a simple personal creation, which our senses enjoy together.

My labor is of both lust & love!

I live a Bohemian lifestyle and love to play with those who are like mind. I am committed to making your experience a journey you’ll never forget!

Let them Call me Whore or call me Contessa, call me Priestess, or Princess, or call me Witch!

Yes, all! 

All are part of the Goddess!


Eroticism is like a tapestry of many colors and images….

I love my job, meeting new people (including you), and playing adult sexy sports. I’m just plain hedonistic in all its pleasurable meaning.

First of all I am not a robot and neither are you. There are many things we are taught to be ashamed of or are not comfortable with because we believe it is not normal and we feel fear of the unknown.

We can let go of what inhibits us, through self help and confronting all that hold us back or we wish to explore.

I say “Don’t look for approval.” If you feel it is right and you’re harming none intentionally/criminally. Your approval is all you need. 

Once all safety precautions have been set one can start, loving every inch of your bodies, never hesitating to let one know what feels good and what doesn’t. If you like a little pain with your pleasure there are those who’d love to play with you without malicious intent. Life is to be lived.

Make peace with sex. It is the act from where all life (not just physical birth) is produced and delivered!

Love, light, and getting a piece!


Let’s play together



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